Thank you for contacting K9BFF.  Our goal is to adopt loving dogs into stable, responsible, loving, and permanent homes.  We believe that adopting a dog is a commitment for the lifetime of your companion animal.  And because we take pet guardianship very seriously, we will carefully check your references.  We hope that we will be able to place one of our dogs with you; however not everyone who applies and desires a dog will be qualified.

We generally receive numerous applications for each of our darling little fluffs, and we do our best to process applications as quickly as possible.  Please understand that your submission, and our acceptance, of this application is not a guarantee that the dog you are interested in is still available.

We appreciate your filling out this form completely, as it helps us to find out more about you and your family so we can make the best possible match for you and your new canine best friend.  Please answer every question (even if the answer is "n/a").  We cannot process incomplete applications.

Adoption Application

If you have trouble submitting this application, PLEASE SCROLL UP AND MAKE SURE ALL QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED.

Any misleading or untrue statements on this application will result in immediate denial of any adoption from K9BFF.
We do our best to reply to every application within 24 hours, but occasionally an application will get lost in cyberspace (and we never get it). IF YOU DO NOT HEAR FROM US WITHIN 24 HOURS, PLEASE CALL (559) 380-9087. Thank you, and we apologize for any inconvenience.